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My name is Beth .  I'm not a doctor, a psychiatrist, nor a social worker.  I don't have degrees in gynecological studies or years of family case work under my belt.  I am simply a 40 something year old woman who has been there, done that and has the souvenir t-shirt to prove it.  You want to know about infertility?  I was the Mayor.  Adoption?  I'm a survivor and an advocate.  Divorce?  Step kids?  Ex spouses?   I can help!   Heartbreak?  Loss?  Miscarriage?  Pink hair?   How to make a drink? Can you paint plastic?  I'm your girl!   


I left my career of 10 years to be a stay at home mom, I started my own business, and I sometimes cry in the shower because I'm not sure if I'm doing any of this right.  But instead of sitting on all this experience and telling my tales to only my closest friends and family members, I've decided to share my stories in an attempt to help other women who might be in similar situations and could use a "Girl you are not alone, I have been there, it's all gonna be ok".


I've made some really bad decisions as minor as cutting my bangs while I was drunk, to major mistakes like leaving a marriage and breaking my vows.  I've achieved some pretty amazing feats too like creating a brand from scratch, finding love again and adopting my beautiful son, Mac .  I'm not perfect but my experiences will hopefully inspire you, provide a light at the end of a dark tunnel, or at least just make you laugh.  

After suffering a miscarriage that pretty much ended my first marriage, I was lucky enough to find my beaver and try try again.  Unfortunately my new hubby, Rocky, had a vasectomy after his first marriage,  so we were thrown into the joys of IVF.  5 failed cycles, 2 donor egg disasters and an epic adoption fraud later, we finally got our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, our little boy.  So yeah, I know a few things about trying and failing.  I know how lonely it can be, and I know how rewarding it can be.  I've seen both sides of the cloud, and I want to be a resource for other women who might need some perspective or just a little hope.

But, I'm also a stay at home mom who has a big life outside all the serious stuff from my past. I'm constantly toying with things, redecorating, gardening, experimenting in the kitchen, researching, surfing WebMD (am I dying?), changing my look, trying new products; all on a limited budget, making the most of what I can with what I got!  So I want to share that stuff with you too, give a balance to the serious stuff on here.


If you like what you read, read a little more, send in questions, share with your friends and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  If you don't like what you read, then I suggest you do all those same things or simply move along and find the tribe that best suits you!  The bottom line is that from womanhood to motherhood and all of the stuff in between, there is a lot of shit no one tells you.  We as women don't talk about it or if we do, we make it uncomfortable, shameful and down right embarrassing.  So here is my True Story, and I hope it brings you comfort, and courage to share your own.  

Patience, Love, and Limoncello-

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Beth xo


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